852 Fabric Recommends: Hold it Bin pattern

852 Fabric Recommends: Hold it Bin pattern by Made Everyday with Dana 

Looking for a quick and easy sewing project idea? We are always on the lookout for great patterns for you to sew with our unique fabric. 

It’s not everyday that you get to ‘try’ a pattern before you purchase it. However, the creators at Made Everyday have created a video tutorial specifically for their Hold it Bin pattern, that lets you try one size before you buy.

The Hold It Bin Pattern is for sale on their website and, comes with 14 separate sizes AND lids. But today we will create the free version by following the instructions on their YouTube channel.  You get to see us try it first and we will let you know what we think!


If you are a maker, you know the feeling of having endless tools, supplies, scraps, needles, accessories, spools and more scattered around your workspace. These bins are perfect for holding your loose items or even for storing all the elements of project you are planning to sew. They can keep you organised so you have more time to create!


Materials you will need:

  1. Outer fabric (we chose canvas) 20” x 20”
  2. Lining fabric (we chose cotton woven) 20” x 20”
  3. Stiff interfacing 20” x 20”
  4. Light interfacing 20” x 20”
  5. Felt 20” x 20”
  6. Handle fabric (we chose canvas) 2¼ “ x 8” for 1 handle and 2 ¼” x 16” for 2 handles

Tools you will need:

  1. Pattern paper
  2. Cutting tool
  3. Wonderclips or pins
  4. Ruler and a seam gauge (optional)
  5. Sewing machine and corresponding thread for your project. **We chose to use a size 16 needle.


Let’s get started!


For the handles, fold the strip of fabric in half along the longer side. Press with a hot iron to create a crease. Then open the strip and fold the edge of each long sides down toward the crease 1/4", wrong sides touching. Do this along the top and bottom edges. Then fold again and press along the first crease. Pin or clip to secure and then sew the handle closed along the open edge. Sew another row of stitches along the folded edge of the handle. Trim each the handle(s) to 6 ¾” in length. Set aside.

 Fold both long edges of the handle, wrong sides touching 1/4".   


Take your pattern paper and mark out a 15” x 17” square.


Then measure and mark a 4 ½ “ square from each corner of your big square. Cut each of these small squares out and you will be left with a cross shape. This is the pattern for the bottom and sides of your bin. Set aside.


The next step is to prep your fabric pieces. At this point the simplest thing to do is to fuse the interfacing to the outer and lining fabric. Fusing before cutting the pattern allows for a clean bond around all the edges before cutting. We used stiff interfacing for the outer fabric and light interfacing for the lining fabric. Follow the instructions specific to your interfacing.


Once bonded, it’s time to start cutting out the pattern pieces. Trace your pattern piece onto the wrong side of the outer, lining and felt pieces. Be as precise as possible, then cut them out. Take the freshly cut felt pattern and place it on the wrong side of the outer fabric. Use wonderclips or pins to secure. From this point on, this outer and felt peice is considered one layer.


Take your lining fabric, locate the top edge of each side and fold it under ¾”. Make sure to use a ruler or seam gauge for accuracy. The folds should be wrong sides together. Press well and set aside.  


Repeat the same steps with your outer fabric and felt piece, but only fold down ½”. Be sure to use a ruler or seam gauge here too. Press wrong sides together on each side. Then carefully trim the FELT ONLY at the crease you just marked. Do this on all 4 sides. This will help to reduce the bulk in the seam on the edge of the bin and makes it easier to sew.


The next step is to attach the handles. Measure and mark 1 ½” from the top (folded edge) of the outer bin piece. Pin or clip the short edge of the handle on either side of the outer piece. Baste the handles in place with a 1/8” seam allowance onto the outer piece.


If you are making 2 handles, just repeat the same step on the opposite side of the outer piece.

Now we are ready to construct the bins.

Starting with the outer piece, fold two right sides together and sew with a ¼” seam allowance. Remember to backstitch at the start and finish of each section. Repeat this step all the way around on all sides of the outer piece.


As you sew along, you will notice that the bin gets bulkier. Just go slow when you need to. When complete, turn the bin right side out and use your fingers to press each of the four corners to get a nice angle. Fold the top of the bin edge down along the crease you pressed earlier.

Repeat the same sewing steps on the lining piece but this time use a  ” seam allowance. Use your fingers to press out the 4 corners, but keep the bin wrong side out. Then, fold the top edge of the bin along the crease you pressed earlier, wrong sides together.


Now to assemble the pieces together.

Insert the lining piece into the outer piece wrong sides together. Match the corners of your bin and line up all edges. Pin or clip in place. You will notice that the lining piece sits a little lower than the outer piece. This creates a nice finish on your project.  Topstitch all the way round the bin carefully.


Ta’dah! If you made it this far, you have successfully created a handy bin for your sewing space.




We are certain that you will love this pattern as much as we do after trying it out! Please share your 852 Fabric Hold It Bin creations with us in our Facebook Group or tag us on Instagram!

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