Fabric Storage Vol. 1

It is time for a deep into the topic of fabric storage!

There is a lot to consider when planning how you will store your fabric in your sewing space. Very often, storage space is limited in Hong Kong and we know you all love to collect 852 Fabric, so how do we manage limited space, organisation, access and usage, and visual appeal? For the most part, we can divide our fabric storage solutions into shelving or storage tubs. 


Shelving is visually very appealing, people love to look at the pretty fabric, touch them and be inspired by them. However, storing fabric exposed in this way, can lead to sun damage such as fading, insect damage, dust, and unwanted smells. Hong Kong’s humid climate, can also be a problem if ventilation is not good. This can spell disaster for your collection if it starts to smell musty and mouldy. On the other hand, being able to grab fabric easily and see it helps us to plan our sewing projects better and get inspired to sew at a moment’s notice.

Fabric Storage on shelves 

By comparison, storage tubs, often keep fabric hidden from view and safe from environmental exposure. Fabric stored in tubs can be organized in a very visually appealing way, but you will probably have to remove the lid to enjoy the visual display and get inspiration to sew. Often, we forget what we have in these tubs because we can’t see our stash clearly. While stored in tubs, we can protect the fabric better by including camphor to deter insects and silica sachets to absorb moisture.

 storage tubs

There are pros and cons to both arrangements. If your sewing space only allows for shelving, we recommend cube storage. The most accessible of these are the Kallax storage shelves by Ikea. You can fold your fabric on to comic/magazine boards to fit this shelf space. The effect is very visually appealing and always makes your fabric accessible.


If your sewing space is more suited to storage tubs, we highly recommend wheeled, stackable and clear tubs. Fabric is heavy and being able to drag the tubs is easier than heavy lifting. We suggest stackable tubs so that you can save floor area by layering them vertically. And we suggest that the tubs be clear so that you can see what’s in the storage boxes to help when you are looking for something specific. You can still fold your fabric on comic/magazine boards for visual appeal in these tubs. Japan Home Center has lots of storage tub options in different sizes to suit lots of domestic spaces.


Of course, you can also apply a combination of these two solutions. If your fabric stash is large, you might need some storage tubs to collect your overflow from shelves. If your fabric stash contains delicate textiles, you might wish to store the wool and silk in tubs with insect repellents to protect them from moths. The important thing is that you create a creative space where you can easily locate your fabrics and spend more time creating beautiful things. If your sewing space is too chaotic and disorganised, you might enjoy your projects and sewing time less.


Stay tuned for the next blog post, which will demonstrate the best way to fold fabric in both of these storage solutions.

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