Stash Buster Vol. 1 -- The Scrunchie

Whether you are a beginner sewist or have loads of experience, you’ll find yourself with smaller pieces of fabric left over from projects. Often these pieces simply aren’t large enough to construct a complete garment, but they are too precious to dispose of.

Don’t worry! We have a solution for you!

Our favourite AND easy stash buster has to be the iconic scrunchie.


Scrunchies are great to complete an outfit, either by adding contrast or my complimenting the entire look. Either way, they are functional and make great gifts!

Start with a rectangular strip of fabric. Our sample measures 17” x 4”. You can make this longer/shorter or wider/narrower, to match your preferences.


Fold the fabric in half, right sides together, along the longest side.

Pin and sew along the longest side at a ¼” seam allowance, creating a tube.

Do NOT sew all the way along, instead leave 1” unsewn at each end of the tube.


Turn the tube right side out.


Then, pin and sew the two short ends together using a ¼” seam allowance. This will complete the tube loop and leave about a 1” opening on the side of the scrunchie for you to insert your elastic.



Now, cut a piece of ¼” elastic to 8”. Insert the elastic and thread it through the scrunchie using a threading tool or a safety pin.

Then knot the open ends of the elastic to create a loop. You may choose to double the elastic by adding another 8” piece and repeating the previous step.


Finally, close the opening by hand sew using a slip stitch or just use your sewing machine. That’s it! Now you can match all your outfits with scrunchies.


Share pics of your scrunchies on our 852 Fabric Facebook Group!


Materials Recap:

  • Rectangular fabric scrap (17” x 8”)
  • ¼” elastic cut to 8” piece
  • Thread



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